Three books finally returned to UNO library 40 years past due

Three books finally returned to UNO library 40 years past due

Way before the dawn of electronic detectors, three books just walked right out of UNO's Criss Library.

No one thought they'd ever be seen again.

But then, just the other day, a mail carrier delivered one mysterious package. Also with it was an anonymous, remorseful letter.

"I think shocking is a good word for it," said Joyce Neujahr, the director of patron services at the library. "It's intriguing maybe more than shocking."

Intriguing she says, partially because they've been gone for four decades, but also because of what the books are about.

Two are about witchcraft, and the other is about Jack the Ripper.

It turns out books about the infamous killer always seem to disappear from the library's shelf.

She says that in itself is another mystery.

"I think some of it is, people are trying to understand why anyone would want to do something as horrible as his," said Neujahr.

Nevertheless, she says even though the books were gone so long, no harm was done.

"They're now back on the self and can be checked out again, but not for forty years!," joked Neujahr.

Library management calculated out the 40 year late fee. It came out to $1,429.

Staff members say they'd love to meet the person who mailed back the books and the person who did this should not be afraid. The fine has been waived.

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