Ticks terrorize family


When the Aspen family went for a hike Saturday they didn't expect to be terrorized.

But just a few hours into their hike they were covered by a tiny menace.

Ticks, over 80 of them covered the family and even their dog.

The Aspen's said they were shocked at how many were out and mother, Gwenn Aspen said it really put a damper on their fun.

Dr. Mark Rupp, an Infectious Diseases professor at UNMC said while the ticks around the area are a menace, they don't carry Lyme Disease.

But Nebraskans do need to worry about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

The Aspen's said they thought they were prepared but they were no match for the massive amount of ticks.

Dr. Rupp said the best way to avoid them is to put on insect repellent and wear long sleeves and pants.

He said always check your entire body, even your head, for ticks after going outside.

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