To Buy or Recycle? Phone Repair Expert Weighs in On New Trend


OMAHA(FOX42KPTM)-7 year-old Anabelle DeWater doesn't mind getting hand-me-down's, especially if it's an iPad. DeWater got her tablet from her father, who owns iFixOmaha. Jason DeWater says he's seen a lot of people get parts of their phones fixed, to prepare them for regifting. "This is a very busy time for iFix Omaha at Christmas. Everybody's giving these tablets. They're perfectly fine, so they should be used. People give them as gifts," said DeWater, who adds that most of the time it costs less than a hundred bucks to get a new screen, or other minor repair, which can make even a device that's been around for a few years, look and work like new.

DeWater says an additional benefit of re-gifting older devices is that the repair costs tend to be lower for the older phones and tablets, especially Apple products. DeWater says an iphone 4, for instance might be about $50 to fix the screen, whereas you might pay around $80-$90 for an iphone6 or 6s.

DeWater adds, be wary of surprisingly cheap tablets. He says many of them end up needing expensive fixes. "Some of the Androids, you can buy for $50, and they're generally not worth repairing because the parts are $50 sometimes," said DeWater who says always go with a popular brand name, because the parts tend to be more available and less expensive.So, it's good to do your research, make sure the tablet has enough memory, and buy a known brand. DeWater says iPhones and iPads are generally a good investment, because they hold their value and you can usually update the operating system.

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