Trail, Boswell appear in court Tuesday on first degree murder charges


Two people accused of killing Nebraska woman Sydney Loofe appeared in court on Tuesday.

In court, Aubrey Trail waived his right to a preliminary hearing and had his case sent to district court.

Bailey Boswell also appeared before a judge Tuesday.

Her case was continued and she's due back in court on July 24.

Both are being held without bond.

The two are being charged with first degree murder and improper disposal of human remains.

According to court records Loofe's body had been dismembered and parts of her body were found in several garbage bags east of Clay Center in Clay County.

Those documents also say, the cell phone Boswell used to access her Tinder account was used near where the body parts were found.

The indictment says investigators used security video from a Home Depot in Lincoln that showed Trail and Boswell buying tools and supplies used in the dismemberment.

The indictment points out, Loofe was alive when video shows those supplies being bought and went to work later in that day.

An autopsy conducted at the Douglas County morgue concluded Loofe died from strangulation.

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