Turnout for Super Hero Heart Run Doubles

OMAHA(FOX42KPTM)-The idea for capes to help motivate kids living with Congenital Heart Defects came to Kitty Burton in 2010, when her son, Sam, was struggling. "Sam is eight. He has had three open heart surgeries and he's a stroke survivor. But there was a time when he wasn't doing very well and there were other moms and we thought we'd get our kids these super hero capes," said Burton, who is the Executive Director of Heart Heroes, Inc.

Five years later, the capes have gone international. "We've got organizations in Mexico and in all of these other states. And I think people just assume it started somewhere else. What people don't know is that it started right here in Omaha," said Burton.

This year's run drew about a thousand people to Stinson Park to participate in the run while wearing their capes. Burton says organizers expected a larger turnout this year, but seeing twice as many folks come out to support the cause was a pleasant surprise.

Burton says she hopes the amount of attention given to the issue of Congenital Heart Defects will continue to grow. "It's kind of a silent killer, because nobody knows it's out there. That's even more reason for us to shout it from the rooftops. So people start paying attention to this defect. Because without awareness, children like my Sam, aren't gong to live into adulthood," said Burton, who adds the support on Sunday meant a lot.

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