Battle of the two-way street in the Little Italy neighborhood

Battle of the two-way street in the Little Italy neighborhood

Omaha,NE(FOX42KPTM)-For decades, Pierce Street in the Little Italy neighborhood has been a two-way street. The City of Omaha changed it to one-way to help with traffic flow.

"The city had promised that they would bring it back to a two-way street as soon as the project on 2nd and Pierce was complete and that never happened," Pat Venditte said. He lives near Pierce street.

In 2012, part of Pierce Street, from 6th to 8th, was changed to a one- way because of heavy truck traffic, speeding and cut through traffic. A letter was sent to people who lives on Pierce.

"Why didn't all of the people in the neighborhood get a copy of that letter, why only the people who lived on Pierce street."

Some of the traffic flow comes from Union Pacific and the ConAgra nearby.

"There's hardly traffic if any traffic at all coming from the Union Pacific or Conagra so there's a non-issue at this point," Venditte said.

Last year, Venditte put together a petition. There were 50 people who signed it, but it didn't help. The street is still a two-way.

"It remains an inconvenience for the vast majority of the people living in and around Pierce Street from 6th to 8th Street."

However, some neighbors who didn't want to go on camera said they actually prefer Pierce Street to stay a one-way.

"They're not the only people who use that street."

FOX 42 reached out to the city for comment. It says the street is a one on purpose. It wants to keep the trucks from going down a residential block. It also says it would possibly change the street back to a two-way if more people come forward.

"Let's restore Pierce Street to a two-way street, that's the bottom line," Venditte said.

He says since the petition didn't work out, he will be speaking with an attorney. He wants a person to be a voice for him and others.

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