Tyler Davis announces candidacy for governor of Nebraska

(Tyler Davis)

A father, entrepreneur, business owner and educator at the University of Nebraska at Omaha announced Tuesday his candidacy for governor of Nebraska.

Tyler Davis will work hard to earn Nebraskan votes by opening a forum for discussion that crosses political boundaries and advocates solutions that solve real problems Nebraskans face.

He directly serves Nebraska’s most vulnerable and exploited homeless populations. He has seen the desperate need to address economic displacement. Tyler has made a personal commitment to focus on systemic problems that cause Nebraskans economic hardship: a lack of economic opportunity and access to education, transportation, and healthcare. All Nebraskans need access to healthcare and we should consider it a basic human right. Tyler is determined to make Nebraska a leader in solving our healthcare crisis. These issues must be solved through building strong relationships with our elected officials and community leaders at the state and local level.

Our rural and urban communities are in desperate need of real leadership, economic expansion, and growth that our current Governor is just not delivering. Our children deserve quality education and our State government is a key player in ensuring every child has the ability to learn and achieve their potential.

Nebraska has seen several failures from Governor Ricketts in supporting our criminal justice system. His inattention to serious problems in our state correctional facilities, our State Patrol, and our sentencing laws has left employees, officers, and citizens vulnerable and without justice. As Governor, Tyler plans to take on these challenges to make Nebraska the best place to live and raise a family.

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