UNO turns people into "real life" books


Books give us a look into worlds we may never see.

Thursday a team at University of Nebraska - Omaha took that same idea, but for people.

Tammi Owens, Librarian at UNO said this event is a great way to show people something they may never see.

"These are extraordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives and they've offered themselves to our students."

These "books" are opening up their lives and their real world experiences.

One "book," a veteran and sexual assault survivor said not everybody gets their perspective or gets the chance to sit down with someone who hasn't been what the other has.

A UNO staff member and "book" said when you read a book you can connect but when you see that person face to face the connection is so much deeper.

Tami Owens said when you listen to the stories of others you could end up finding yourself.

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