USS Omaha will be brought to life Saturday in California


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The United States Navy is beefing up its fleet by putting into active service a new warship named after the city of Omaha.

"I wish I could go out and join them and be a part of it," said John Scott, a Navy veteran.

Scott is a decorated military veteran. His service includes four years in the Navy.

"I was aboard the USS Askari. It was a landing craft repair ship in Vietnam."

Last May, he was a part of an honor flight that went to Washington D.C. He returned to a hero's welcome at Lincoln Airport.

"It was the first time that I was really welcomed home and it really stuck to my heart."

This Saturday, he'll have another reason to feel pride. That's when the Navy will officially bring the USS Omaha to life in San Diego. It's what's known as an LCS ship. That means it's intended to operate close to the shore.

"When I first heard about it my heart went thump."

Scott told FOX 42 News Friday warships have come a long way since he was in the Navy back in the sixties.

"They have bigger guns and faster guns. They reload a lot quicker and the ships are a lot quicker."

According to the Navy, the USS Omaha is 420 feet long. It was constructed in 2015 and will be used to defend the United States when necessary.

Omaha native Susie Buffett is the sponsor of the ship. A Navy spokesperson says she'll be in California February 3rd to give the order to bring the ship to life.

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