Volunteers fly high to fundraise

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Well not exactly fly, more like rappel down 17 stories.

The Highline apartments in downtown Omaha were the perfect spot for Friday's "Over the Edge" campaign with "Youth for Christ."

The group holds the fundraiser every year to raise funds for their 40 programs.

Ministry Director, Ted Plugge said raising kids in a good environment and making sure they stay on a good path is what "YFC" is all about.

But they need cash to do all the things necessary to bring in more kids and more mentors.

This year's goal is 23,000.

One thousand for each foot of the Highline building which is 230 feet tall.

Many Omaha celebrities came out and donated and even rappelled, including Congressman Don Bacon, John Ewing and the Superintendent for Millard Schools.

Even two from Fox 42 dared to rappel.

Kaitlyn Rivas and Steve Saunders braved the 17 stories to raise money for the group.

"Youth for Christ" and "Over the Edge" will have another day filled with adrenaline Saturday at the Highline Apartments.

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