Why experts say winter tires are best


Winter isn't over yet. The metro is bracing for yet another snowfall, and that means more driving in slush and show, so make sure your tires are good enough for winter driving.

FOX 42 spoke with the experts on making sure your tires are ready for this continuing winter.

They say winter tires are best because of the increased traction they provide as well as being made of a material that stays flexible in colder temperatures.

That's not always the case with all-season tires.

Proper-tread and inflation are key to getting your car through the tough winter driving.

"A winter tire is going to have deeper tread depth, more biting edges," Neil Warren said. "It's also going to have a different compound that's developed to keep the tire soft and flexible under cold conditions, so you can stop a lot quicker you can accelerate. You have a lot more confident steering handling and response"

Warren says it's best to have all four of your tires in good condition and for best results, each should be a winter tire.

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