Woman accused of stealing unmarked car from Nebraska State Patrol


Nebraska State Patrol say they were trying to help someone in a crash, but that woman wound up helping herself to a trooper's car.

Around 3:30, troopers say an investigators showed up to a crash on I-80 near Grand Island.

They say a blue Pontiac G6 rear-ended a semi.

While the investigator was making sure nobody was hurt, troopers say someone from the Pontiac hopped into the investigator's car and took off.

Troopers in marked cruisers showed up quickly to chase after the car, but the driver refused to stop.

Officials say they had to put out several spike strips. Eventually that forced the car to a stop.

Troopers say Toni White, 24, from Chariton, Iowa had to be taken to the hospital.

Once she's released, troopers plan to charge her for theft, running from officers, and driving under the influence of drugs.

She could face more charges.

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