Woman from Nebraska helps evacuees dealing with California wildfires

Woman from Nebraska helps family and evacuees dealing with California wildfires

Roxanne Weibley took photo after photo of the destruction she's seeing first hand in the California wildfires.

"It seems like the end of the world,” said Weibley, who lives in Nebraska City and is from a community close by the wildfires. “It's just unbelievable It just doesn't seem real."

While she’s in California, she’s making sandwiches and passing them out to the evacuees.

"Many people don't have the ability to get to the food trucks and get to the resources,” she said. “Or they don't have identification proving that they are from the evacuated areas, so I'm just doing what I can to help them.”

It’s something she encourages everyone to try.

"It's still my hometown,” said Weibley. “It's still my community, so I'm trying to do anything I can to help."

She plans to be in California for nine days.

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