Woman Fundraising To Help Foster Kids Get 'Sweet Cases'

Woman Fundraising To Help Foster Kids Get 'Sweet Cases'

Imagine being forced from your home and leaving with only two trash bags full of belongings.

That's the reality for thousands of kids in Nebraska's foster care system.

Now, a local woman wants to give kids a new kind of bag to help them through a tough time.

"It absolutely broke my heart."

It was last year when April Sevilla's life changed.

"I was not able to continue on that day working knowing that there were so many children that needed something so simple."

Sevilla is talking about something simple like a "Sweet Case" for a sweet face, a fundraiser she came across when she was online.

Sevilla says a "Sweet Case" gives kids a lot of items that they need when they go into foster care. Each case includes a stuffed animal to comfort them, a blanket for warmth, a toothbrush to stay clean, and a coloring book and crayons to give them something to do.

The items are ones that Sevilla says kids might not have time to grab before leaving their homes.

Sevilla said, "It's children of all ages, whether they're parents were arrested, it was a domestic violence situation, there was abuse, sexual helping build a "Sweet Case" you are helping them not carry a trash bag from home to home as if they do not matter."

A "Sweet Case" costs $25 dollars to build. Last year, Sevilla was able to raise enough money to make cases for 71 kids.

"This year my goal is to help 120 children which is about $3,000."

She's on her way to reaching that goal and now she wants others to set goals of their own.

"A simple gesture of kindness can make all the difference and if we all did that Omaha, the world, everything would just be a better place,"

Sevilla has already raised over $1,000 for "Sweet Cases" this year.

She's having a car show in July where she hopes to reach her $3,000 goal.

For more information follow this link.

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