Woman leads officers on chase in stolen truck, Council Bluffs police say

Kimberly Golden, 28.

A woman was arrested in Council Bluffs Tuesday morning after police say she lead them on a chase in a stolen truck.

Just before 10, officers say they saw a stolen pickup near 9th Street and 2nd Avenue.

When they went to stop it, they say the truck drove off. Then, a Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Deputy picked up the chase a few blocks away.

The truck continued to drive away from officers until it lost control and drove through a fence and into a nearby yard, police say.

Police arrested the driver of the stolen truck, Kimberly Golden, 28.

She had a 20-year-old passenger with her, but that passenger was released with no charges.

Golden was booked on an outstanding warrant along with theft and eluding.

She was previously arrested in December 2017 for disobeying an officer when police say she was the passenger of a man who stole a pickup truck and led officers on a chase.

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