Woman says crook posed as Geek Squad tech on phone

Woman says crook posed as Geek Squad tech on phone

Erica Giles recalls one very frustrating phone call.

"It makes me angry," she said. "It was almost like from a call center. It had that brief pause right before, right before the line is connected."

She says just last week, a man called her and said he was a Geek Squad technician and that he wanted to fix her computer.

She soon found out the man she was speaking with had nothing to do with the popular Best Buy repair service.

"I guess I thought in my head like my laptop was shut. It wasn't on. So how could they have a notification that my computer was having issues," said Giles.

She hung up on the man, but it turns out he wasn't done with her yet.

"The person called me back saying they knew I had issues with my computer and that they wanted remote access to get into the computer," said Giles.

The FTC says bad guys often use familiar names like Geek Squad, Microsoft, and Apple to disguise themselves.

"What's going to happen if somebody's grandmother's account gets hacked and they loose everything, and I just want to be that voice," said Giles.

Geek Squad said in a statement:"Geek Squad will not call clients unless we are already working with them on a support issue, and we will not scan computers remotely without permission from the owner."

Geek Squad says you can protect yourself if do end up getting a call from a bad buy:

  • Hang up right away
  • Call the company's publicly listed phone number to ask questions
  • Never provide any payment information
  • Never give the person who called you access to your computer

If you've already been duped, there are things you can do too:

  • Contact fraud prevention at your bank or credit card company
  • Change all your passwords including ones tied to your bank accounts
  • Update your security software
  • Have a technician check your computer for malware

Giles says the crook's phone call still weighs heavily on her mind.

"I can't even comprehend what kind of person would do that to somebody," she said.

File a complaint the Federal Trade Commission

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