Man shocked while doing Parkour stunts in West Palm Beach dies

    Man electrocuted while doing Parkour stunts in West Palm Beach dies (WPEC)

    A 20-year-old man who was burned earlier this month while doing Parkour stunts died Wednesday, West Palm Beach police said.

    Police say David Harrison, of Delray Beach, died in the burn unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

    Harrison tried to walk on a live wire in downtown West Palm Beach Aug. 1 while training in the ninja-like practice of parkour, according to police. He and two others climbed a metal pipe behind 314 Clematis Street and got on to the roof. They walked on the rooftop to 100 S. Dixie Highway. Harrison then attempted to walk on a power pole from 100 S. Dixie Highway to 120 S. Dixie Highway when he touched a live wire and was shocked.

    Harrison's friends say they saw a bright flash and "hear a loud explosive sound," according to police. Harrison fell to the ground and his clothes were burned off his body.

    A witness who called 911 said Harrison was on fire, the police report showed. One of Harrison's friends used his shirt to put out the fire on Harrison's head.

    Harrison was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center, then Jackson Memorial, where he eventually died from his injuries.

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