Mother reunited with daughter after 70 years believing she had died at birth

    Genevieve Purinton and Connie Moultroup were reunited after nearly 70 years. (Photo: Screenshot Connie Moultroup/Facebook)

    (SBG) — For almost 70 years, Genevieve Purinton believed her daughter had died moments after she was born. That's what she was told in the hospital in 1949, CNN reports.

    But now the 88-year-old has been reunited with 69-year-old daughter Connie Moultroup, who has been alive and well all these years.

    Moultroup told CNN she was given away at the hospital in Gary, Indiana because her mother was not married.

    She was adopted and spent her early life in Santa Barbara, California. However, her adoptive mother died and her new stepmother was abusive, so she dreamt for years about meeting her biological mother.

    The dream became reality when Moultroup's daughter Chase bought her an Ancestry DNA testing kit. Moultroup found a distant cousin as a result of the test, who connected her to Purinton. She sent a letter to her mother and waited for a call.

    Moultroup tells NBC News she remembers answering the phone and hearing "I think I’m your mother" on the other end. The two met shortly after at Purinton's retirement community in Tampa, Florida.

    "I met my mother and my cousin in person, and we cried," Moultroup said. "It was just a crying fest."

    Moultroup is planning to continue meeting members of her family she has found as a result of the test.

    "[The test] was just a cool Christmas present," Chase said, "and it has completely changed our lives."

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