New freeze-dried plasma could be used to help the military

    New freeze-dried plasma could be used to help the military (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A blood product, being studied only in the Tri-State, could change the way soldiers are treated on the battlefield.

    Quite often at Hoxworth Blood Center, they put out the plea for plasma, but now the plasma could take on a whole new form which could make a big difference for those in the military.

    When donors such as Philip Carver come in to donate blood or blood products such as plasma, sometimes that isn’t enough.

    “Sometimes people forget to donate at this time and people need it,” said Carver.

    Plasma is usually used for cancer patients and burn victims and those who are wounded in battle to stop bleeding.

    “The problem is that plasma, as it is now, is a frozen product, and it takes time to produce it, store it, and finally give it to the patient,” said Dr. Jose Cancelas, who is leading a breakthrough trial,

    The trial is the first of its kind in the country that could deliver plasma in a whole new way. Alternative plasma.

    Alternative plasma is freeze-dried and packed in a tube with everything needed:

    “So this plasma can be reconstituted with water and be infused into people,” said Dr. Jose Cancelas.

    That plasma can be infused almost instantly to anyone, anywhere, especially for the military.

    “[It would] be able to save lives in the battlefield,” said Dr. Jose Cancelas. “When a soldier, for instance, has had significant bleeding, to be infused at that time.”

    Right now, they don't have an instant way to stop the bleeding in battle, which is why Dr. Jose Cancelas is about to present the product to the Food and Drug Administration for quick approval for use.

    “It looks until now that that data is very promising that this plasma is going to help people,” said Dr. Jose Cancelas.

    What makes the “Alternative Plasma” successful is those that are willing to donate plasma.

    If you can donate, call 513-451-0910 or follow this link.

    The FDA meeting for this product is scheduled for next week.

    If it's approved quickly it could be ready for use by 2019.

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