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Tom BeckaCommentary

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Tom Becka has a long history in Omaha broadcasting. As a nationally recognized radio talk show host Tom has put his unique perspective on Omaha's biggest stories of the last 20 years. Contract negotiations, mayoral recalls, flooding, stadiums and arenas, numerous elections, civic events, scandals and severe weather were just some of the events where Tom had a ring side seat.

Prior to his 20 year stint in talk radio Tom was also an advertising sales manager and spent five years traveling the country as a stand up comic opening for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Sam Kinnison, Lewis Black, Darrell Hammond, and the rock band Chicago.

Now he brings his years of experience to the Fox 42 News at Nine with a feature called "Becka's Beat" Every night Becka's Beat tackles a hot local issue with honesty, integrity, and a sense of humor. Tom gives you more than just the headlines. Get some insight, some food for thought.get Becka's Beat exclusively on the Fox 42 News at Nine.